Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Laura's New Hair

TO THIS. Well, it wasn't that bad before, but we did not plan on it being this short. We were combing out Laura's hair last week and, while getting through an especially bad snarly, Laura told me she wanted me to hack it all off. I told her to be careful what she wished for, and she brought me a pair of scissors. I took a deep breath and sliced if off. She loves it, I should have done this years ago. We are very casual about hair in this house. It grows back, and right now she's cute as a button. However, I may bend to a professional hand in the future. Bless her for having curly hair, it covers up a lot of unevenness.

I cant believe how much older she looks now. 6 1/2, wowzers, I remember bringing her home from the hospital. The little tootsies in the background are Allies, napping away on every laundry day when I pull the sheets off the bed. I don't know why she likes the feel of a sheetless bed, but she does.

Christmas 09

The girls got bikes this year. Allie got Disney Princess, Mia got a Barbie bike, and Laura got a big girl 20 inch lady bug bike with no training wheels. The jury is still out on whether or not that was a gigantic mistake. Jim and I learned how to ride without training wheels, elbow pads or helmets, however we also understand we're just really old. We would like to assure Caroline that our girls do wear protective gear while riding their bikes! Love ya, 2nd mommy.

Yeah, girl stuff!

Allie riding in the church parking lot. We took the kids there to learn balance without having to move for cars all the time. You have to know Allison to understand this is actually a good pic of her. She's not a camera fan.

Just so nobody fought over whose bike was whose, Santa left name tags on them.

Elders came over Christmas morning to call their families. We love our missionaries. It's amazing they heard anything with 3 girls hopped up on sugar in the background.

Halloween 2009

Allison as Little Bunny Foo Foo!
Amelia as Woodland Fairy. She still wears this costume once a week.

Laura Mae as Vampiress...oooh, scary!

My three little cuties, ready for trick-or-treating since 8:00 AM

What a ridiculous haul for 3 little girls. This was from only 3 blocks in our neighborhod. We have such generous neighbors. We let each girl pick 15 pieces of candy, threw away all the gum (like, who gives out gum?), and gave the rest to the missionaries. They were very happy, they had over 75 chocolate candy bars.

Carving Our Halloween Pumpkin

Jim carving our jack-o-lantern with the girls. Laura said the insides felt squishy.
Posing with the pumpkin. We do it every year. I promise we let Allie out of the closet to participate. She is just really camera shy and hates having her pic taken. Look in the window behind the girls, my doggie wanted to be part of this, too.
The final product. I have to say not bad considering Jim did it all with a 30 year old butter knife. The only candle we had was my Yankee Candle Company pumpkin pie candle. We had the best smelling pumpkin in the neighborhood.

"Crazy Hair Day" at Laura's school

School Spirit Week at Northport Elementary, We tried making Laura's hair as crazy as possible, but alas, we didn't win this year either! Used about 1/2 cup of conditioner that night to comb out the snarlies, but is was sooooo worth it. (Let's just be honest, we woke up late and didn't comb her hair at all. This is au natural...just kidding. My hand hurt after this).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Laura lost tooth #5 tonight. She pulled it out herself, my little dentist. Here she is bringing it to me like a gift. Then she asked how much was it worth.This little hole in her mouth made absolutely no impact on her eating nachos for dinner.
So much drama for something so small! That's Laura's hand, not mine.

Sleeping Beauties!

Laura Mae can sleep anywhere in any position. She didn't even know I was standing over her laughing and taking pictures.I hosted girls movie night last Friday and rented a movie for the girls, too. I guess Space Buddies was a little boring. We walked in on these two on the floor.
Allie pulled every blanket and pillow off my bed the other day when I was doing laundry. She made her own version of the princess and the pea. That face she is making is because she hates having her picture taken.